ASK - Android Starter Kit

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Use the application generator command-line tool for a new android project to create an application skeleton simply and quickly. For more detail, please visit to the website

Download and Run

$ git clone [email protected]:kimkevin/AndroidStarterKit.git
$ cd AndroidStarterKit

# Add new path
$ export PATH=$PATH:$(pwd) >> ~/.bash_profile

For example, the following command generate the Android project of the following path which included in the GridView and RecyclerView for layouts and the Firebase Analytics and Firebase Crash Reporting. Use the following command to do so:

$ ask -l gv,rv -m fa,fc /path/to/android/project

If the command-line doesn’t have the project path for [dir] option, the new project will created in an output folder.

$ ask -l gv,rv -m fa,fc

Sync it with Gradle and run it.

How it works



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