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Arma Dialog Creator is a tool for creating dialogs for Arma 3. The tool was designed from the beginning to be completely independent from header files (.h, .hpp, *.hh), which is how Arma's engine interprets how to create the dialogs. All editing is done with specialized editors such as a color picker and Font chooser.

Key Features


Here is a trailer for Arma Dialog Creator. It's a really short, but dense, video showing many of the implemented features. You can watch the video here.

If you would like a slower paced video, check out the preview video below. The preview video is months older than the trailer, but the core of Arma Dialog Creator is pretty much the same.

Preview Video

Here is a long, slow video showcasing what has been accomplished (as of November 24 2016). Please note that the video was made in 2016, so a lot has changed and been improved.

You can watch the video here.


Arma games are created by and owned Bohemia Interactive. Arma Dialog Creator is developed by Kayler Renslow. Arma Dialog Creator and it's developer aren't affiliated with Bohemia Interactive. This project is licensed under the MIT License. You don't need to contact me if you want to create derivatives or publish the project elsewhere (attribution is appreciated :) ).