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Katharsis library adds an additional layer on top of RESTful endpoint to provide easy HATEOAS support for Java by implementing JSON API standard.

This repository is combination of multiple maintained separately repos in katharis-project:


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Systems nowadays utilize data from various systems to leverage the business needs. To achieve that, many of them provide usually inconsistent REST interface.

Providing homogeneous REST interface

Katharsis implements JSON API standard which introduces consistent REST interface definition. Now it can be easy to integrate with other systems through uniform mechanisms.

Use the purest form of REST

JSON API is based on HATEOAS which means Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State. It is the highest form of REST which allows producing and storing as little documentation as possible.

By using Katharsis it is easier to develop both Customer Facing Applications and server side services. The developers can have one unified base for their work.

Consistent resources and repositories

Katharsis introduces a way of defining both resources which can be shared over the REST interface and a repository for their handling.

Integration with other libraries

Because of the usage of JSON API, Katharsis can be used with many other libraries which support the standard.

Documentation and examples

Documentation, along with example projects and project details are available on project website katharsis.io


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