Another Smart Mirror

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This is another Smart Mirror project done in Android. Based on Max Braun and Nick Hall smart mirror projects.

Currently this project is being rewritten using Robopupu as the base framework for this project.

Demo of Another Smart Mirror v1


I would like to give a big thanks to Marko Salmela for creating the Robopupu library and his constant support in supporting me. Without your great work, much of the configurable aspect of this project would not be possible.



For the hardware I've used:



Hotword detection is being driven by the Pocketsphinx library. Implementation and instructions how to use this library it can be found on its website.


For Voice Commands, Houndify is being used. They have a free tier with a daily quota of how many queries you can request per day. You need to register your application and get the Hound client ID and client key and set those values at

Proximity Recognition

To enable proximity recognition you need to have a Bluetooth beacon on hand like the Radius Networks RadBeacon. After that you need to follow the instructions detailed here.


Song support is provided by Spotify. To use Spotify you need to register your application at and also own a Premium Spotify account. Once you get your Spotify Client ID, add it to

HandWave Library

Credit goes to Kriss for the original HandWave library and Koalified for the updated version.

OpenCV Library

More information about OpenCV can be found in its website. This library is needed to use the HandWave library.


The contents of this repository are covered under the Apache License.