:fire: Due to a lack of free time and interest, this project is over. Feel free to start a fork.

TikiOne Steam Cleaner

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:cat: To fix font rendering on hdpi screens, please try JRE11 (Java 11 JVM), it seems to work. See v3.0.7-jre11.0.1.13 pre-release.

The best companion of Steam users - Download latest version here

Tikione Steam Cleaner is an open source and free software written in Java 8 and helps you to find and remove all games's redistribuable packages downloaded by Steam (http://store.steampowered.com). For MS Windows only.

GOG (GalaxyClient) and Electronic Arts Origin are supported.


Download installer or ZIP package

TikiOne Steam Cleaner installers and ZIP packages are hosted on GitHub releases.

Build, test and package

(Saturday, April 16, 2016 Warning: I just migrated from Ant to Maven build system)

TikiOne Steam Cleaner is currently built with NetBeans, Maven and the latest version of Oracle JDK8.

To build the project:

You can now build and run the project.

The packaged application is in the "dist2" folder.

To bundle a JVM (version 8 or better), copy it as a "jre" subfolder in the "dist2" directory and launch the NSIS script: it will package TikiOne steam Cleaner with the provided JVM into an EXE installer based on NSIS-Unicode (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System, Unicode version: I use version 2.46-5 from Google Code).
Nota: since Google Code is shutting down, I have uploaded latest NSIS version here.




I'm working on this software since Janurary 2012. Here is the full changelog.


MIT License. In other words, you can do what you want: this project is entirely OpenSource, Free and Gratis.


Andrew Sampson is the developper of an excellent alternative based on Microsoft .NET technology. Check his repository: Codeusa/SteamCleaner.
He is also the author of the famous Borderless Gaming software: Codeusa/Borderless-Gaming.


You may think that Java is not secure. I won't blame you, but please keep in mind that if the Java plugin (which is dead now) was a giant security hole, the Java VM (that runs TikiOne Steam Cleaner) is secure and is used by many major companies to run servers (for Google, Amazon...), desktop applications (like JetBrains IDEs), TVs, IoT, Android smartphones, etc. In other words, Java is everywhere and it works fine ;-)


I maintain TikiOne Steam Cleaner thanks to these products:

Apache libraries (Apache Log4j and Apache Commons IO)
Apache Maven build tool
Oracle JRE and JDK
Currently developed with Oracle NetBeans IDE