An unofficial Java implementation of the Bitfinex Websocket (v2) API

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This project provides a Java client library for the Bitfinex WebSocket API (v2). Public and private channels (candles, ticks, executed trades, (raw) orderbooks, orders, and wallets) are implemented.

In contrast to other implementations, this project uses the WSS (web socket secure) streaming API of Bitfinex. Most other projects are poll the REST-API periodically, which leads to delays in data processing. In this implementation, you can register callback methods on ticks, candles or orders. The callbacks are executed, as soon as new data is received from Bitfinex (see the examples section for more details).

Warning: Trading carries significant financial risk; you could lose a lot of money. If you are planning to use this software to trade, you should perform many tests and simulations first. This software is provided 'as is' and released under the Apache 2.0 license.

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You will find some examples here.



Add these lines to your pom.xml file



Add these lines to your build.gradle file

compile 'com.github.jnidzwetzki:bitfinex-v2-wss-api:0.7.5'


You will find the changelog of the project here.

Recent API changes

Version 0.7.1

The old order flags are deprecated by Bitfinex and replaced by the new 'WSv2 order flag'. This change is adapted in this version. Methods like BitfinexOrderBuilder.setHidden() or BitfinexOrderBuilder.setReduce() are replaced by BitfinexOrderBuilder.withOrderFlag(BitfinexOrderFlag).

Version 0.7.0

Major refactoring has been made around the library. Library is operating in non-blocking manner fully from this version. User may register handlers to listen on upcoming server events through exposed callbacks API. Review Low-level channel subscriptions section of Examples for more details.

BitfinexCurrencyPair is no longer auto-registering currency pairs in JVM. User should call BitfinexCurrencyPair#registerDefaults() explicitily if one wishes to use them.

Version 0.6.9

The class BitfinexCurrencyPair now supports dynamic currency creation. Therefore, the old enum consts are removed.

# Old (version <= 0.6.8)

# New (version > 0.6.8)

Version 0.6.7

The class BitfinexTick was renamed to BitfinexCandle and a new class for ticks was introduced.

Version 0.6.3

Starting with version 0.6.3 the value for uninitialized BigDecimal values was unified to null (in version 0.6.2 sometimes -1 and sometimes null was used).

View Details The BitfinexTick.INVALID_VOLUME is removed and replaced by a Java 8 optional ```java # Old (version <= 0.6.2) if (tick.getVolume() != BitfinexTick.INVALID_VOLUME) { tick.getVolume().doubleValue() } # New (version > 0.6.2) if(tick.getVolume().isPresent()) { tick.getVolume().get().doubleValue() } ```

Version 0.6.2

Since version 0.6.2, the double data type is replaced by the BigDecimal data type for increased precision.

Version 0.6.1

Since version 0.6.1, the Wallets are new managed by the Wallet manager.

View Details The WalletManager provides the same methods as the BitfinexAPIBroker in previous versions. Execute your wallet related calls on the new WalletManager. ```java # Old (version <= 0.6.0) bitfinexClient.getWallets(); # New (version > 0.6.0) bitfinexClient.getWalletManager().getWallets(); ```

Version 0.6.0

With version 0.6.0 the ta4j dependency was removed.

View Details For quotes, the API implementation now returns instances of the class `BitfinexTick`. To convert a `BitfinexTick` into a ta4j `Bar`, you can use the following code: ```java final BitfinexTick tick = ....; final Instant instant = Instant.ofEpochMilli(tick.getTimestamp()); final ZonedDateTime time = ZonedDateTime.ofInstant(instant, Const.BITFINEX_TIMEZONE); final Bar bar = new BaseBar(time, tick.getOpen().doubleValue(), tick.getHigh().doubleValue(), tick.getLow().doubleValue(), tick.getClose().doubleValue(), tick.getVolume().orElse(BigDecimal.ZERO).doubleValue()); ```