Marathon Plugin for Jenkins Build Status


Marathon is a production-grade container orchestration platform for Mesosphere's Datacenter Operating System (DC/OS) and Apache Mesos. Marathon is a meta framework: you can start other Mesos frameworks such as Chronos or Storm with it to ensure they survive machine failures. It can launch anything that can be launched in a standard shell. In fact, you can even start other Marathon instances via Marathon.


This plugin adds a Marathon Deployment post-build item that updates an application within a target Marathon instance. This can also be used within a workflow or pipeline plugin job.


This plugin requires a marathon.json file within a Job's working directory. It is recommended that this file be present within a project's code repository.

    "id": "/product/service/myApp",
    "cmd": "env && sleep 300",
    "cpus": 0.25,
    "mem": 16.0

For more information on how to create a marathon.json file, see Application Basics.

Running Locally

This is an Apache Maven project and requires mvn.

$ git clone [email protected]:mesosphere/jenkins-marathon-plugin.git
$ cd jenkins-marathon-plugin
$ mvn hpi:run

To reset the Jenkins instance, remove the local target and work directories.

$ mvn clean && rm -rf ./work/

Package and Deploy

Run mvn package to create an hpi file within the local target directory. This artifact can be uploaded as a plugin to a running Jenkins instance.

Pipeline Plugin Support

This plugin can be called as marathon(...) within a pipeline job.

    url: 'http://marathon-instance',
    forceUpdate: false,
    id: 'someid',
    docker: 'mesosphere/jenkins-dev',
    containerType: 'DOCKER', // optional
    dockerForcePull: true)

url is required and this still depends on a local "marathon.json" file.

Container type support

The container type (MESOS, DOCKER) will be determined from the JSON template if possible, if not, it can also be defined in the plugin configuration or in the pipeline step call. If not defined, "DOCKER" will be used as the default value.


The Marathon Plugin for Jenkins is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. For additional information, see the LICENSE file included at the root of this repository.

Reporting Issues

Please file an issue in the Jenkins issue tracker, using the "marathon-plugin" component.


For information on releasing new versions of the plugin, see the jenkins plugin-hosting guide.


Please submit changes via a GitHub pull request.