Cordova Plugin for Twilio Voice

PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin for Twilio Programmable Voice SDK

Changed Package Name to cordova-plugin-twiliovoicesdk

Note - as of August 21, 2018, this NPM package name will match the Cordova Plugin id (as version 3.0.x)

Example Application

Looking for a simple Cordova/PhoneGap starter application to show how this is used?

Twilio Voice

This plugin is a wrapper for the Twilio Voice SDK for iOS and Android:

Android SDK example:

If you are using the Twilio Client SDK for iOS and Android, see the earlier Twilio Client Plugin

Note - the To parameter for dialing out

The most recent pull request merged in to the plug-in only supports the use of To as a parameter to be used for dialing out - if your application uses tocall or similar, you will need to adjust this plugin's constant, for now).

Available on NPM

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-twiliovoicesdk

The NPM Page for this plugin:


There are three preferences you will need to configure:

Preference Example Description
INCOMING_CALL_APP_NAME PhoneApp Users will get a notification that they have an inbound call (either a standard Push notification, or a CallKit screen) - this name is shown to the users.
ENABLE_CALL_KIT true This plugin has optional CallKit support for iOS 10 and above. ENABLE_CALL_KIT should be "true" or "false"
MASK_INCOMING_PHONE_NUMBER false This plugin has optional ability to mask the incoming phone number. MASK_INCOMING_PHONE_NUMBER should be "true" or "false"
DEBUG_TWILIO false Optionally enable twilio library debugging. DEBUG_TWILIO should be "true" or "false"