920 Text Editor

920 Text Editor is a Free, Open Source and no Ad software for android



  1. Multi Tab, you can open different files in different tabs to facilitate you in a different text of this switch to edit
  2. syntax highlighting:ASP, ActionScript, C/C++, C#, Erlang, Frink, HTML/XML/WML, CSS, Javascript , Java, JSP, Perl, PowerShell , PHP, Python, Shell/Bash, Lua, SQL, VB/VBS, Tcl, TeX/LaTeX, Verilog, AutoHotKey , AutoLisp, Pascal, Fortran, ColdFusion, Smail etc...
  3. show line numbers
  4. show blank characters (tabs, line breaks)
  5. code folding
  6. automatically detects the open file encoding, and you can also convert the current file encoding support: ISO-2022-CN, BIG5, EUC-TW, GBK, GB2312, ISO-8859-5, KOI8-R, WINDOWS-1251, MACCYRILLIC, IBM866, IBM855 , ISO-8859-7, WINDOWS-1253, ISO-8859-8, WINDOWS-1255, ISO-2022-JP, SHIFT_JIS, EUC-JP, ISO-2022-KR , EUC-KR, UTF-8, UTF-16BE / UTF-16LE, UTF-32BE / UTF-32LE / X-ISO-10646-UCS-4-34121 / X-ISO-10646-UCS-4-21431 , WINDOWS-1252
  7. easy toolbar, you can quickly doing a new file, open, save, save as, undo/redo , and some commonly used symbols, back to last edit location, etc.
  8. list of recently opened files history
  9. regular search, replace or replace all
  10. change the font and font size
  11. “Word wrap” switch
  12. lock the screen orientation in: auto, horizontal or vertical
  13. remember the last open file
  14. hide the soft keyboard, long press the edit area can be turn on
  15. long press the “edit area” you can convert selected text to uppercase or lowercase
  16. auto indent
  17. keep the screen in the awake state
  18. you can run at ROOT permissions
  19. easy’s file manager, you can delete or rename the file, or open with other application to view, copy/move etc. to manage files
  20. use the volume keys to quickly switch the display/hide the toolbar, full-screen mode
  21. preview the HTML file
  22. Color Picker
  23. Dark Theme
  24. you can use the “Preferences” menu “Donate” page to the donate it




  1. 多标签,你可以在不同的标签打开不同的文件,方便你在不同的文本之本切换编辑
  2. 语法高亮:ASP, ActionScript, C/C++, C#, Erlang, Frink, HTML/XML/WML, CSS, Javascript, Java, JSP, Perl, PowerShell , PHP, Python, Shell/Bash, Lua, SQL, VB/VBS, Tcl, TeX/LaTeX, Verilog, AutoHotKey, AutoLisp, Pascal, Smail等等...
  3. 显示行号
  4. 显示空白字符(制表符,换行符)
  5. 代码折叠
  6. 自动检测打开的文件编码,同时你也可以转换当前文件编码,支持: ISO-2022-CN,BIG5,EUC-TW,GBK,GB2312,ISO-8859-5,KOI8-R,WINDOWS-1251,MACCYRILLIC,IBM866,IBM855 ,ISO-8859-7,WINDOWS-1253,ISO-8859-8,WINDOWS-1255,ISO-2022-JP,SHIFT_JIS,EUC-JP,ISO-2022-KR ,EUC-KR,UTF-8,UTF-16BE / UTF-16LE,UTF-32BE / UTF-32LE / X-ISO-10646-UCS-4-34121 / X-ISO-10646-UCS-4-21431 ,WINDOWS-1252
  7. 方便的工具栏,你可以快捷进行文件新建、打开、保存、另存为、撤销/重做、一些常用符号、返回上次编辑位置等等
  8. 最近打开的文件历史列表
  9. 正则查找、替换或替换全部
  10. 更改字体和字体大小
  11. “自动换行” 开关
  12. 锁定屏幕方向于:自动、横向或纵向
  13. 记住最后打开的文件
  14. 隐藏软键盘(即输入法),长按编辑区域可以切换显示输入法
  15. 长按编辑区域可以将选中的文字转换为大写或小写
  16. 自动缩进
  17. 保持屏幕常亮
  18. 获取ROOT权限
  19. 简易的文件管理器,你可以重合名或删除文件,或通过其它程序管理或打开文件
  20. 使用音量键快速切换显示/隐藏工具栏,全屏模式
  21. 预览HTML文件
  22. 强大的颜色拾取器
  23. 黑色主题
  24. 你可以通过“参数”菜单的“捐赠”页面来捐助它

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