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Rarely available and hard-to-write Java utilities, written correctly, and thoroughly tested (> 98% code coverage via JUnit tests).

To include in your project:


The java-util jar is about 150K in size.


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Since Java 1.5, you can statically import classes. Using this technique with many of the classes below, it makes their methods directly accessible in your source code, keeping your source code smaller and easier to read. For example:

import static com.cedarsoftware.util.Converter.*;

will permit you to write:

Calendar cal = convertToCalendar("2019/11/17");
Date date = convertToDate("November 17th, 2019 4:45pm");
TimeStamp stamp = convertToTimeStamp(cal);
AtomicLong atomicLong = convertToAtomicLong("123128300")
String s = convertToString(atomicLong)

Included in java-util:

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By: John DeRegnaucourt and Ken Partlow