ORMLite Core

This package provides the core functionality for the JDBC and Android packages. Users that are connecting to SQL databases via JDBC will need to download the ormlite-jdbc package as well. Android users should download the ormlite-android package as well as this core package.

ORMLite is easy to use and provides the following features:

Enjoy, Gray Watson

Code Example

The following is a quick code example to give you a taste on how to use the library.

// this uses h2 but you can change it to match your database
String databaseUrl = "jdbc:h2:mem:account";
// create a connection source to our database
ConnectionSource connectionSource = new JdbcConnectionSource(databaseUrl);

// instantiate the DAO to handle Account with String id
Dao<Account,String> accountDao = DaoManager.createDao(connectionSource, Account.class);

// if you need to create the 'accounts' table make this call
TableUtils.createTable(connectionSource, Account.class);

// create an instance of Account
String name = "Jim Smith";
Account account = new Account(name, "_secret");

// persist the account object to the database

// retrieve the account
Account account2 = accountDao.queryForId(name);
// show its password
System.out.println("Account: " + account2.getPassword());

// close the connection source

ChangeLog Release Notes

See the ChangeLog.txt file.