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Neptune is a flexible, powerful and lightweight plugin framework for Android.

It now runs plugins dynamically on billions of devices every day and carries many separated business modules of IQIYI such as Reader, Movie Tickets and etc..

Especially, Neptune is greatly compatible with Android P . It can run on Android P devices seamlessly and stably. Only few APIs in light greylist are used.


Supported Features

Feature Detail
Supported Components Activity/Service/Receiver
Component registration in Host Manifest.xml No Need
Share Host App Class Supported
Share Host App Resources Supported
Resources Isolation Supported
Run individual App Supported
Android Features Almost all features
Compatibility Almost all roms
Process Isolation Supported
Plugin Dependency Supported
Plugin Development like normal app
Supported Android versions API Level 14+



Getting Started

Host Project

compile Neptune in application module of build.gradle.

    implementation ''

Initialize sdk in your Application#onCreate().

public class XXXApplication extends Application {

    public void onCreate() {
        NeptuneConfig config = new NeptuneConfig.NeptuneConfigBuilder()
        Neptune.init(this, config);

more details and developer guide see wiki

Plugin Project

If plugin app wants to share resources with host app, you need add dependency in the buildscript block of build.gradle in root of plugin project as following.

dependencies {
    classpath  ''

Apply gradle plugin in application module of build.gradle and config it.

apply plugin: 'com.qiyi.neptune.plugin'

neptune {
    pluginMode = true      // In plugin apk build mode
    packageId = 0x30       // The package id of Resources
    hostDependencies = "{group1}:{artifact1};{group2}:{artifact2}" // host app resources dependencies

Developer Guide


We sincerely appreciate your PR contribution of any kind , including codes, suggestions or documentation to improve our project.


Neptune is Apache v2.0 Licensed.