Mobi is a decentralized, federated, and distributed graph data platform for teams and communities to publish and discover data and data models that are instantly consumable.

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Getting Started

To build the Mobi source code, you must have the following software and tools installed.

Technology Version Download Link
Java 8
Maven 3.1+
Node.js 6+
Google Chrome 59+

Clone the Mobi project from git and navigate to that directory on your machine. Run the following command to build the source:

mvn clean install

The build creates the Mobi distribution as both a .tar.gz file and a .zip file in the mobi-distribution/target directory. Extract one of the files and navigate into that directory.

Inside the extracted distribution directory, start up the Mobi Karaf instance. The distribution is configured to automatically deploy the required bundles and services to the runtime using Karaf features. To start the runtime, simply open the command line interface and run the start script.

For Unix/Linux:


or for Windows:


The Mobi web application should now be accessible at https://localhost:8443/mobi/index.html.

To stop the server, use the respective stop scripts.

Release Build

To prepare Mobi for a release (non-snapshot) build, run the build using the release-build profile, i.e:

mvn clean install -P release-build

The release-build profile will minify the web resources and prepare karaf scripts to use release versions.

Running Integration Tests

Integration tests are controlled by the skipITs system property and are disabled by default. To run integration tests as part of the build, set the property to false:

mvn clean install -DskipITs=false

Image Caching

The build caches minified image files to improve performance. If you build the project in more than one location on your machine, you may have to clear the frontend cache of optimized images. To do this, you will have to run a Gulp command. If you have Node.js installed, run the following command to install gulp globally.

npm install -g gulp

NOTE: This action may have to be run as root.

Once gulp is installed, the image cache can be cleared by navigating into the directory and running the following command.

gulp clearcache


Mobi is also availble as a Docker image. Visit to find available images. Images can also be built locally. See the mobi-distribution module for more information.


Mobi is made available under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL). See LICENSE.TXT for details.

Third-party library licenses and acknowledgements are detailed in legal/THIRD-PARTY.txt and legal/THIRD-PARTY-ETC.txt.