Offspring (NXT desktop wallet)

Offspring is NXT desktop wallet software. With Offspring you can create and manage your NXT accounts, send/receive NXT coins, assets and more.

Offspring uses the NXT Java API. This allows for fast access to all data in the blockchain. All displayed transactions, accounts and blocks can be clicked and inspected.

Offspring was developed by DGEX the BTC / NXT Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Open source

Offspring is open source. We wellcome anyone to help and improve Offspring.



Java 1.7 is required. Cross platform (Windows, Mac and Linux).


Go to and download the version for your platform. Unzip the package and double click the offspring.exe (on Windows) or the executable for your platform.

Updates are easy, simply unzip and run the executable, Offspring will use your existing blockchain and NXT wallet.


Offspring is built on Eclipse 4 technology.

If you want to learn Eclipse 4 I advise the Eclipse 4 RCP book by Lars Vogel.


These instructions apply to ubuntu.

Clone this repository

$ git clone

Run maven

$ cd [CLONE DIR]/com.dgex.offspring.master
$ mvn clean verify

Find the installers in:

[CLONE DIR]/com.dgex.offspring.product/target/products/..


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Asset Exchange


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