WebApp Hardware Bridge

WebApp Hardware Bridge (succeeder of "Chrome Hardware Bridge / Chrome Direct Print")

Make it possible for WebApp to perform silent print and access to serial ports.

Common use cases:


Web Direct Print

Web Serial Access

How to use?

Client Side

  1. Install and setup mapping via Configurator

  2. Start "WebApp Hardware Bridge" and start using your WebApp

WebApp Side

  1. Check JS SDK/Example

How it works?

WebApp Hardware Bridge is a Java based application, which have more direct access to hardwares.

It expose a WebSocket server on localhost which accept print jobs and serial connection.

For print jobs, PDF/Images job are downloaded/decoded and then sent to mapped printer.

Raw job are sent to mapped printer directly.

For serial port, serial port are opened by Java and "proxified" as WebSocket stream,

which allow bidirectional communcations.

Configurator is provided to setup mappings between keys and printers/serials.

Therefore web apps do not need to care about the actual printer names.

Known Issue


Advanced Usages


Any other ideas? Fork and PR are welcome!