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What is BHBot?

BHBot is a program that automates the Bit Heroes game. It is a non intrusive program that works by opening up a Chromium window and controls the game by taking a screenshot every few seconds, detecting cues from the screenshot and then simulating mouse clicks. BHBot is a good example of how to create such bots to automate flash games or other browser games (it can be easily adjusted to play other games).

Once configured and running the bot is designed to run unattended indefinitely.


This bot will automatically farm items, familiars and schematics running all current content:

The level/difficulty for each activity can be defined in the settings file. The bot can also:

If the bot detects a "Disconnected" dialog, it will pause its execution for an hour giving the user a chance to play manually. Disconnects are usually result of another instance logging into the game. This is why bot pauses in case it detects it.


You can download the latest stable release BHBot.jar from the releases page.

For the latest functionality it is recommended to compile your own version as there are frequent commits with bug-fixes and new functionality between major releases.

First time setup

See the wiki for the first time setup guide.



Here is a list of most common commands used with the bot (must be typed in the console window, or, if you use web interface, in the command input box):


BHBot is free and always will be. If you would like to make a donation towards the project you can use Paypal or Liberapay.


BHBot was originally created by Betalord. On 29th of September 2017 (the 1st year anniversary of the Bit Heroes game) he quit the game and released the bot to the public. In December 2018 Fortigate picked up the development and from March 2019 ilpersi joined him to make the bot what it is today. In June 2019 the project ownership was tranferred to ilpersi, granting autonomy moving forwards.

Special thanks

The bot would not exist without everybody who uses or contributes to it.

A special mention goes to the teams that created two amzing products:


Hopefully this bot will prove useful to you, if you have any questions just raise an issue or join our gitter room in which you can talk directly with the developers! Enjoy :-)

Made with love using IntelliJ and JProfiler