React-Templates Plugin

React-Templates Light weight templates for React. see more here.
React-Templates plugin for WebStorm, PHPStorm and other Idea family IDE, provides integration with React-Templates and shows errors and warnings inside the editor.

Getting started


Install react-templates npm package react-templates npm:

$ cd <project path>
$ npm install react-templates

Or, install react-templates globally:

$ npm install -g react-templates


To get started, you need to set the react-templates plugin settings:

React-Templates config

New RT File:
React-Templates inline

React-Templates inline

RT Attributes completion:
React-Templates inline

RT Attributes quick docs:
React-Templates inline

A Note to contributors

react-templates plugin uses the code from here as a module, to run the project you need to clone that project as well.

git clone [email protected]:idok/react-templates-plugin.git
git clone [email protected]:idok/intellij-common.git