ESLint Plugin

ESLint is The pluggable linting utility for JavaScript. see more here.
ESLint plugin for WebStorm, PHPStorm and other Idea family IDE with Javascript plugin, provides integration with ESLint and shows errors and warnings inside the editor.

Bundled plugin

As of Intellij 14, a plugin based on this one was bundled into the IDE release by Jetbrains. What's the diffrence? This plugin supports Intellij 13 and other versions, --fix option, quick fixes and other minor differences. Please make sure you are referring to this one before opening an issue.

Getting started


Install eslint npm package eslint npm:

$ cd <project path>
$ npm install eslint

Or, install eslint globally:

$ npm install -g eslint


To get started, you need to set the ESLint plugin settings:

ESLint config

ESLint inline

Analyze Code:
ESLint inline

A Note to contributors

ESLint plugin uses the code from here as a module, to run the project you need to clone that project as well.