The source code of the Scelight project with all its modules.

Scelight home page:

(The Github project counts 127,000 lines. And this is without development history, just the snapshot of the current state of the project.)

Visit the Scelight Wiki to see how to contribute or how to setup your environment for developing Scelight.

Directory Structure

directory-info.html in the root explains / details the main folders / files:

/src-launcherSource folder of the Scelight Launcher module.
/src-sc2-texturesSource folder of the SC2 Textures module.
/src-sc2-balance-dataSource folder of the SC2 Balance Data module.
/src-app-libsSource folder of the Scelight Libs module.
/src-appSource folder of the (main) Scelight module.
/src-ext-mod-apiSource folder of the External Module API.
/src-toolSource folder of utility tools.
/app-folderContains the off-line files and static files/folders required to run Scelight from Eclipse.
/dev-data/Contains files related to development history and metrics
/source-statsMetrics of the Scelight project.
/*-build-history.txtBuild history of different modules.
/docs/Contains some documentation of the project.
/app-logoFirst version of the app logo.
/change-historyChanges and new features of all the public releases.
/generatedTarget folder of generated javadoc.
/eclipseContains Eclipse configuration files (code templates and source file formatting rules).
/release/Target folder for creating releases.
/resourcesStatic resource files needed to create releases.
/compiled-classesTarget folder for compiled classes of releases (used during module build).
/deployment-devDeployment files (packaged modules) of the development version.
/deployment-pubDeployment files (packaged modules) of the public version.
/ScelightComplete Scelight version assembled after module builds.
/*.properties*.properties files holding latest build numbers and build timestamps of different modules.
/war/newsNews content for the Scelight Operator web application.
/build-release.xmlScelight Builder. Can build releases and modules (with deployments) and make project backup.
/build-javadoc.xmlScelight Development Javadoc Builder.
/directory-info.htmlThis document.
/Scelight.launchEclipse launch configuration to run Scelight.
/Scelight-dev.launchEclipse launch configuration to run Scelight in development mode.

Project Status

Project is active and under development.


Open-sourced under the Apache License 2.0.