iceroot是一个java基础工具类 ( Iceroot is a java base tool class ).


iceroot是一个java基础工具类.封装了很多有用的方法. 该类库无任何第三方依赖.

涵盖了 字符串操作 时间转化 读取配置文件 等方面. 基础工具类对于java代码的编写是非常必要的,然而很多常见的操作在很多第三方类库中并未提供,我们必须一遍又一遍的重新编写. 此 api补充了第三方基础工具类缺失的常见方法.



Iceroot is a java base tool class. Encapsulates a lot of useful methods. The library does not have any third party dependencies.

Covering the string operation time conversion read the configuration file and so on. The basic tool classes are very necessary for the preparation of java code, but many common operations are not available in many third-party libraries, and we have to rewrite it over and over again. This api complements the common method of missing third-party infrastructure tools.