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This is a light JavaSDK for Hyperchain.

To get more information you can view docs, use hvmd and liteSDK to start a enjoyable journey.

Get started





compile group: 'cn.hyperchain', name: 'litesdk', version: '0.1.0'


1. build provider manager

Provider can be expanded by user, we support default http provider.

Then create provider manager.

String DEFAULT_URL = "localhost:8081";
DefaultHttpProvider defaultHttpProvider = new DefaultHttpProvider.Builder().setUrl(DEFAULT_URL).build();
ProviderManager providerManager = ProviderManager.createManager(defaultHttpProvider);

2. Build service

Create different services by specific provider manager, service will provide some function.

ContractService contractService = ServiceManager.getContractService(providerManager);
AccountService accountService = ServiceManager.getAccountService(providerManager);

3. Create account

Account can be used to sign transaction.

Account account = accountService.genAccount(Algo.SMRAW);

4. Build transaction

Transaction builder can create different transaction by different style of initialization.

// deploy
Transaction transaction = new Transaction.HVMBuilder(account.getAddress()).deploy("hvm-jar/hvmbasic-1.0.0-student.jar").build();

// invoke
Transaction transaction1 = new Transaction.HVMBuilder(account.getAddress()).invoke(receiptResponse.getContractAddress(), new StudentInvoke()).build();

5. Get response

Service will return a Request, user can use Request to get specific Response by interface.

ReceiptResponse receiptResponse = contractService.deploy(transaction).send().polling();

6. Decode result

Decode result to specific type.

Decoder.decodeHVM(receiptResponse1.getRet(), String.class);


If you have any suggestions or idea, please submit issue in this project!


If you want to know more about LiteSDK, you can read manual at here.