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spring-cloud-huawei is a framework that makes it easier to integrate spring cloud and Huawei frameworks. Including open source framework and commercial framework, open source such as Apache ServiceComb, commercial such as Huawei Cloud ServiceStage.

Why use

  1. Gives Blue-green Deployments and Canary Releases ability to your spring cloud application.
  2. Automatically generate a document, which follow open API specification, and register it to service registry, so that members of team can view and download API doc in unified service.
  3. Combined with the ecosystem of Apache servicecomb:
    • Apply multilingual paradigm to your microservice system by using mesher, an implementation of service mesh, java or spring cloud is not the only choice anymore.
    • Developer is able to use edge-service, a high-performance gateway which benifits from reactive, outperforms than spring cloud gateway and Netflix zuul.
    • A go microservice framework can work with springcloud.


How to use

spring-cloud-huawei has been released in Maven's central repository.

Use dependencyManagement to manage dependencies.


introduce starter.


more document

Compatibility instructions

spring cloud huawei spring cloud spring boot
1.3.3 Hoxton 2.2.x
1.3.3-Greenwich Greenwich 2.1.x
1.2.0-Finchley Finchley 2.0.x
1.2.0-Edgware Edgware 1.5.x