en: A Java Server IO framework use netty and thrift. You could send thrift json protol Http-GET request with Broswer line google Chrome, or send compactProtocol thrift data with thrift client.

zh-CN: 一个 netty 服务端框架, 基于 thrift协议. 你可以通过chrome浏览器发送thrift json 协议的Http-GET 请求, 同时也可以使用thrift原生的的客户端发送压缩协议的数据.


Server Example

 public void startServer() {
  // different from nify, This Server:
  // support TCP/HTTP/WebSocket At Same time.
  // support sync/async (notFrame or Frame) At Same time.
  // support TBinaryProtocol/TCompactProtocol/TJSONProtocol/TSimpleJSONProtocol At Same time.

  int port = 8081; // The port to bind.
  ExecutorService threadPoolExecutor = ... // business Executor

  // Create the handler, the interface impl
  MyService.Iface serviceInterface = new MyServiceHandler();

  //en: Create the processor, you no need give a TProtocolFactory here,the protocol is dynamic, same as the client.
  //zh-CN: 创建处理器, 你不需要指定一个TProtocolFactory, 协议是动态适应客户端的协议.
  // you could sen
  TBaseProcessor processor = new MyService.Processor<>(serviceInterface);

  ThriftServerDef serverDef = ThriftServerDef.newBuilder().listen(port)//
   ServerBootstrap server = new ServerBootstrap(serverDef);
   server.start();// Start Server

The Client

zh-CN: 你可以使用thrift原生客户端, 也可以使用这里的 client.* 项目,客户端项目主要适用于像app端这种追求依赖库尽可能小的场景.

en: you can use the orig thrift client, or this client. project, the clients is used in android App Client Example: see the TestCase in project: io.nettythrift or the project client. ;

the project "client.json" is A Client use Http and TSimpleJSONProtocol.

there is a also a Simple Connection Pool in project: client.framedCommpact