Mireka is a mail server with SMTP, Mail Submission and POP3 services. It is also an SMTP proxy. As a proxy, it can help to prevent or diagnose mail problems, like outgoing backscatter spam.




How it works in proxy mode:

Mireka can proxy both incoming and outgoing SMTP connections. It accepts an SMTP connection, logs communication between client and server, runs filters in various stages of the mail transaction, and sends the mail to a back-end SMTP server. It relays steps of the mail transaction immediately, without queuing the mail. In this way the back-end server can also reject recipients and message content before accepting irrevocable responsibility for delivery. Proxy mode works for both outgoing and incoming mail.

Any number of ports can be configured, and the proxy and standalone modes can be mixed. For example incoming mails can be proxied on one port, while outgoing mails received on another port are transmitted directly by Mireka alone.


To run it once:

See Quick start for Linux and Quick start for Windows for more information.

For a real installation use the deb package for Ubuntu. For other OS download the binary archive and follow the Installation sections of the documentation.

Where to get help

Current usage

Mireka was used as a proxy in front of two Apache James Servers receiving 50.000 mail transactions daily. Now it is used both as full mail server and a send only mail server with similar traffic and also as a relay server.


Previously I contributed a few patch to Apache James, but after a while I had to start to maintain my own branch. That was difficult, so when I needed more feature, I decided to implement it as a separate process, in the form of a proxy, instead of a set of patches. So Mireka was born as a simple proxy, which provided fast fail checks. Features were slowly added and eventually the proxy become a simple, but complete standalone mail server.


HONTVÁRI Levente - I am a Java server side developer and an accidental sysadmin. I work for FlyOrDie.com.


Mireka is written in Java. A large part of the functionality is provided by components produced by other projects:


Apache License 2.0