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This is a React Native Date Picker with following main features:

📱 Supporting iOS and Android
🕑 3 different modes: Time, Date, DateTime
🌍 Multiple languages
🎨 Customizable

iOS Android
React Native Date Picker React Native Date Picker Android
A slightly improved DatePickerIOS. A custom made native component.


  1. npm install react-native-date-picker --save
  2. react-native link react-native-date-picker (Only needed for React Native <= 0.59)
  3. (cd ios && pod install) (If you're using CocoaPods)

Xcode 11 is required to run the latest version of the date picker. Xcode 10 is supported up to version 2.7.2.

Minimal Example

import React, { useState } from 'react'
import DatePicker from 'react-native-date-picker'

export default () => {

  const [date, setDate] = useState(new Date())

  return (


Prop Description Screenshots iOS Screenshot Android
date The currently selected date.
onDateChange Date change handler
fadeToColor Android picker is fading towards this background color. {color, 'none'}
maximumDate Maximum selectable date.
minimumDate Minimum selectable date
minuteInterval The interval at which minutes can be selected. Date picker minute interval IOS Date picker minute interval Android
mode The date picker mode. {'datetime', 'date', 'time'} React native date time pickerReact native datepickerReact native time picker react native date time picker androidreact native datepicker androidreact native time picker android
locale The locale for the date picker. Changes language, date order and am/pm preferences. Value needs to be a Locale ID. React Native Date picker locale language ios React Native Date picker locale language android
textColor Changes the text color. ⚠ Colors other than black (#000000) or white (#ffffff) will replace the "Today" string with a date on iOS 13. react native datepicker text color background color ios Text color background color android
timeZoneOffsetInMinutes Timezone offset in minutes (default: device's timezone)


📅   React Native Date Picker is a cross platform component working on both iOS and Android. It uses the slightly improved DatePickerIOS on iOS and a custom picker on Android which has similar look and feel. The datetime mode might be particulary interesting if you looking for a way to avoid two different popup pickers on android.


Can I use expo?

Unfortunately, expo does not support this date picker at the moment. Upvote this feature request if you would like to have it included.

How do i change the date order? (To YYYY-MM-DD etc)

The order is determined by the locale prop. Set for instance locale='fr'to get the France preference.

How do i change the 12/24h or AM/PM format?

On iOS the 12/24h preference is determined by the locale prop. Set for instance locale='fr'to get the France preference. On Android the 12/24h format is determined by the device setting. When using 12h mode the AM/PM part of the picker will be displayed.

Is it possible to show only month and year?

This is unfortunately not possible due to the limitation in DatePickerIOS. You should be able to create your own month-year picker with for instance

Why does the Android app crash in production?

If you have enabled Proguard for Android you might need to ignore some classes to get the the picker to work propery in android production/release mode. Add these lines to you proguard file (often called

-keep public class
-keep public class net.time4j.PrettyTime

Three different modes

Here are some more info about the three different picker modes that are available.

Date time picker

Using the datetime mode gives you a react native date time picker where both date and time can be selected at the same time. The todays date will be replays with the string "Today" translated to the desired language. This is the default mode and look like this.

date time picker date time picker

Add the optional datetime mode property to use this mode. Since datetime is default this could also be exclude.



The date mode displays a react native datepicker with year month and date where the year-month-date order will be adjusted to the locale. If will look similar to this:

datepicker ios datepicker

Just add the value date to mode property:


Time picker

The time mode can be used when only the time matters. AM/PM will be added depending on locale and user setting. It can be useful to add the timeInterval to only display the time with for instance 15min intervals. The react native time picker look like this:

react native time picker react native time picker android

Set mode property to time to show the time picker:


Why another React Native datepicker?

One of the strongest reason to use react native is its cross platform compatibility. Most of the official components are working seamlessly on both platforms but there are some with single platform support only. The react native datepicker is one example where both DatePickerIOS and DatePickerAndroid are present. The reason for this is that the default date picker is implemented in seperate ways, iOS normally have an integrated view picker wheel where android has different pickers in a dialog format.

If you want to use these pickers you can combile the official ones or a third party module that already done that for you. If you on the other hand want have a more unified design between your android and ios app, this module is for you. The datetime mode can be particularly helpful to avoid 2 separate picker dialogs on android.