This repository includes various community supported and incubating modules for Hazelcast Jet.

As a general guideline, the following types of modules are encouraged in this repository:

Building from source

To build the project, use the following command

./gradlew build

List of modules

InfluxDb Connector

A Hazelcast Jet Connector for InfluxDb which enables Hazelcast Jet pipelines to read/write data points from/to InfluxDb.

Probabilistic Aggregations

A collection of probabilistic aggregations such as HyperLogLog.

Redis Connectors

Hazelcast Jet connectors for various Redis data structures.

MongoDB Connector

A Hazelcast Jet connector for MongoDB for querying/inserting objects from/to MongoDB.

Kafka Connect Connector

A generic Kafka Connect source provides ability to plug any Kafka Connect source for data ingestion to Jet pipelines.

Debezium Connector

A Hazelcast Jet connector for Debezium which enables Hazelcast Jet pipelines to consume CDC events from various databases.

Twitter Connector

A Hazelcast Jet connector for consuming data from Twitter stream sources in Jet pipelines.

Pulsar Connector

A Hazelcast Jet connector for consuming/producing messages from/to Apache Pulsar topics.

XA Tests

Tests to check compatibility of the XA support in your JMS broker or JDBC database with Jet's fault tolerance.

Hazelcast Jet Spring Boot Starter

A Spring Boot Starter for Hazelcast Jet which auto-configures Hazelcast Jet if found on the classpath.

Snapshot Releases

To access snapshot builds add the following dependency and repository declarations to dependencies and repositories sections in your pom.xml respectively.

    <name>Sonatype Snapshot Repository</name>


We encourage pull requests and process them promptly.

To contribute:

Submit your contribution as a pull request on GitHub.


This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license - see the LICENSE file for details