Haystack is an AS/Intellij IDEA plugin to rapid construct a Flutter app architecture. It consists of the follow features.


  1. Search “Flutter App Template Generator” in Plugin Market and install the plugin.

  2. Create a Flutter project with AS or Intellij IEDA.

  3. Right tap the lib folder in AS project structure, select "New" -> "Generate App Template".

  4. Click the "Init project" to init the project(Just init project once only).

  5. Enter the information of your page and tap "OK".
    step 5

  6. Configure class field and tap ”Generate“.(the model class must has a unique field) step 6

  7. the plugin will generate code

  8. Add your page to the routes in the main.dart

    Map<String, WidgetBuilder> _routes() {
    return <String, WidgetBuilder>{
      "/settings": (_) => SettingsOptionsPage(
            options: _options,
            onOptionsChanged: _handleOptionsChanged,
      "/": (_) => new HomeView(),
  9. configure server and decode data from server. network_common.dart

    Dio dio = new Dio();
    // Set default configs
    dio.options.baseUrl = 'https://unsplash.com/';


    Future<List<Photo>> getPhotosList(String sorting, int page, int limit) {
    return new NetworkCommon().dio.get("napi/photos").then((d) {
      var results = new NetworkCommon().decodeResp(d);
      List<Photo> list =
      results.map<Photo>((item) => new Photo.fromJson(item)).toList();
      return list;


        .then((map) {
      if (map.isNotEmpty) {
        next(SyncPhotosAction(page: Page(), photos: map));
  10. bind data to UI home_view.dart

    class _PhotoListItem extends ListTile {
    _PhotoListItem({Photo photo, GestureTapCallback onTap})
      : super(
            title: Text(photo.id),
            subtitle: Text(photo.views==null?"0":photo.views.toString()),
            leading: CircleAvatar(child: Image.network(photo.urls.thumb)),
            onTap: onTap);

    You can run the project
    app sliver



    Insert a widget

    Insert a widget

    New a redux action

    New an redux action

  11. Create first app

  12. Photo Viewer