java -jar TRADFRI2MQTT-X.X.X-SNAPSHOT.jar -ip {gateway IP} -psk {gateway secret} -broker {MQTT broker URL} [-retained]

The optional -retained configures the MQTT topics as retained.


java -jar TRADFRI2MQTT-X.X.X-SNAPSHOT.jar -ip 192.168.1.XXX -psk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -broker tcp://localhost

Publishes state messages on topics like this:

Subscribes to control messages on topics like this:

publish 0/1 to the on topic to turn the light off/on respectively

publish 0-254 to the dim topic to change the brightness

publish "cold" / "normal" / "warm" to the temperature topic to change temperatures. This only works on individual bulbs.

publish the name of a mood (case-sensitive) to the mood topic of a room to adapt that mood. IKEA predefined moods are internally uppercase-only for some reason: "EVERYDAY" / "FOCUS" / "RELAX". Your self-defined moods have to be spelled like in the Trådfri App. At the moment, only control is implemented and state is not.

MQTT broker example

An easy-to-use MQTT broker is mosquitto.

After installation run it locally with mosquitto.

Then submit commands like this: mosquitto_pub -t "TRÅDFRI/bulb/LivingRoomBulb1/control/temperature" -m warm or subscribe like this: mosquitto_sub -t "TRÅDFRI/room/LivingRoom/state/on"

Installation on Docker

Optionally, TRADFRI2MQTT can be installed and run within a Docker image using the following instructions:

  1. Clone this GIT repository.
  2. Build the tradfri2mqtt docker image like so: docker build -t tradfri2mqtt .
  3. Run tradfri2mqtt within a docker container: docker run -rm tradfri2mqtt -ip [gateway ip] -psk [gateway secret] -broker [mqtt broker url]