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Pearl is a powerful image caching and loading library. Developers can even save JSON data in the form of objects and can retrieve them later on if they want to display content in offline mode.
Pearl uses concepts of Google's volley project and some of it's own image optimization algorithms to display the most vibrant and pixel rich image. It's light, cleaner and is maintained by the open source community itself.


Using Gradle: under dependencies section:

compile 'com.github.hanuor:pearl:0.0.8'    

or Using Maven:



Loading an Image

For now a premium fade in animation has been integrated into the library. Images will be displayed through fade in animation.

 Pearl.imageLoader(Context mContext,String URLofImage,ImageView imageView,int defaultImage);  

mcontext = Context of the activity/fragment
URLofImage = Url of image to be downloaded from web
imageView = Target ImageView

Saving a Json object

Pearl.saveJsonObject(Context context, String jsonObject,String tag);     

You have to convert Json object into a String first.

Retrieving a Json String

Object retrieve = Pearl.retrieveJsonObject(String tag);     
String retString = retrieve.toString();     

Cancel an image load

Pearl.cancelImageLoad(String urlofImage)    


Minimum Android SDK: Pearl requires a minimum API level of 10.

Special thanks to:

Google's volley for android
Apache httpcore.jar
Apache httpclient.jar
Rohan Dikshit (Website)
Shantanu Johri (Android)

How it looks like?

Pearl demo app


Copyright 2016 Hanuor, Inc.

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