Java EE 8/Jakarta EE 8 Sandbox

Java EE is finally moved to the biggest Java community - Eclipse Foundation. It is great for Java developers. But due to some issues of Java EE brand, we have to use a new name to continue it. Jakarta EE is elected from Java communities.

Migration to Jakarta EE 8

In our project, when migrating the existing project to Jakarta EE 8, use the following new Jakarta EE API instead in your Maven POM.


Or Jakarta EE Web API if you are using Web Profile only.


Define the propery jakartaee-api.version in properties.

<!-- Jakarta EE API -->

Due to the historic reason, the existing classes and other resources in these jars still use javax as package prefix, it is good for backward compatibility. There is no need to change the codes at all.

But in future Jakarta EE 9 or x , it will use jakarta for newly-added APIs.

What is new in Java EE 8

There tow new specifications were introduced in Java EE 8.

Some specifications have been updated to align with Java 8 and CDI or involved as a maintainance release.

The other specifications such as JMS, Batch have no updates in this version.

Unfortunately, MVC(JSR 371) is vetoed in the final stage, but it is still existed as a community based specification. And JCache(JSR 107) which had missed the last train of Java EE 7, and also lost its attractiveness in Java EE 8.

Understanding the Codes

If you want to know more details about the source codes, please read my notes of migrating to Java EE 8, it is also open-sourced as a Github project.

BTW, I maintained a Java EE 8/Jatarta EE 8 resource checklist to collect the useful JavaEE8/Jakrata EE 8 resources.

Welcome to contribute.