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Fruity Mod for Slay The Spire


Fruity Mod for Slay The Spire adds an entirely new character class, The Seeker, and a new set of 75 cards for him to use. The Seeker is a purple colored combination mage/astronomer that uses power from the Astral Plane to cast his spells upon himself and his enemies.

The Seeker focuses on utilizing Ethereal cards and new cards in his deck that combine with the Ethereal keyword to make powerful effects. He also can gain strong ablities by debuffing himself or his enemies.

The Seeker is an entirely new playable character. He does not overwrite The Ironclad or The Silent. This mod makes no changes to the base game other than adding The Seeker.

Current State

Currently The Seeker is completely playable. We have art for all the cards but it is currently just color adjusted versions of base game assets until we can find an artists. We're still looking for an artist so if you want to do that make a Github Issue so we can talk to you about it. Also we are well aware that The Seeker is not fully balanced yet. We are doing our best to balance him in line with The Ironclad and The Silent.


  1. Make necessary balance changes to The Seeker, fix any bugs discovered for the cards used by The Seeker and finish art for The Seeker
  2. Add some new relics to use as unlocks for The Seeker and add some new relics specific to The Seeker
  3. Maybe another character... maybe more potions... maybe more events... (we're not really sure about where we're going after The Seeker is done)

The Seeker

The Seeker Image

The Seeker Game Begin

The Seeker Starting Deck

The Seeker Relics

The Seeker Card Library

Card list: click here. Generated using twanvl's Exporter.


General Use


  1. Download ModTheSpire.jar from the latest release ( and save it in the base folder of this project (the base folder is the same folder containing this README).
  2. Copy desktop-1.0.jar from your Slay the Spire installation folder into the base folder of this project.
  3. Create a mods folder under the base folder of this project.
  4. Download BaseMod.jar from the latest release ( and save it in the mods folder you created in step 3.
  5. Get the FruityMod.jar and save it in the mods folder you created in step 3. You have 2 options to do this:
    1. Build this project (see below). Each time you build the project successfully, it will automatically be moved into the mods folder.
    2. Alternatively, you can download FruityMod.jar from the latest release (
  6. Your modded version of Slay The Spire can now be launched by double-clicking on ModTheSpire.jar
  7. This will open a mod select menu where you need to make sure that both BaseMod and FruityMod are checked before clicking play

Here is a great video showing how to install mods, by Xterminator:

Credits / Acknowledgements

Special Thanks

  1. Thanks to the devs of SlayTheSpire for making such and awesome game, allowing us to mod it, and allowing us to use recolored versions of their art assets in our mod
  2. Thanks to t-larson and contributors ( for BaseMod!!
  3. Thanks to kiooeht and contributors ( for ModTheSpire!!
  4. Thanks to all the people who have contributed bug reports or feedback on Discord or through the Github tracker. Without your help we couldn't make The Seeker as well-polished!

Art Assets

Creative Commons and other licenses are great and helped make some of this mod happen.

  1. Power Cells relic art - ( (
  2. Mechanical Core relic art - (

Notes For Contributors



  1. Run mvn package to make the jar FruityMod.jar. Maven will automatically move this jar into your mod folder, so that you can test it out by playing a game.

Building in Eclipse

  1. Right click on the project in eclipse then go to configure and convert to maven project
  2. Then to build the project use Run as and select Maven build and specify package as the Goal for the build
  3. If you get an error about lacking a compiler change the default jre for Eclipse to point to a jdk instead. The Eclipse Maven plugin is weird like that.

Some notes about adding custom cards

  1. With cards, you need to set this.baseDamage and this.baseBlock when assigning damage values or block values to a card. This is because the game will compute this.damage and this.block from those values before doing any damage or block actions. HOWEVER when setting magic numbers on cards you must set this.baseMagicNumber AND this.magicNumber otherwise the first time the card is used its magic number will be wrong because the game does not compute this.magicNumber before it is used (it defaults to -1).
  2. Try to keep the damage values, block values, etc... to static final constants at the top of the file so it's easier to make edits to the cards for balancing.
  3. If you have an ethereal card it needs to override the triggerOnEndOfPlayerTurn hook and add in code that looks like this:
    public void triggerOnEndOfPlayerTurn() {
    AbstractDungeon.actionManager.addToTop(new ExhaustSpecificCardAction(this, AbstractDungeon.player.hand));