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GSC (Global Social Chain) is the new generation of social networking chain. This social chain is determined to use block chain technology to subvert centralized social networks such as Facebook, WeChat, etc., which plays a dual role as "manager" and "arbiter" simultaneously for the former social networking platforms.

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How to Contribute, Report bugs, issues using GitHub issues.

If you have a reasonable understanding of blockchain technology and at least some notions of Java you can of course contribute by using GitHub issues and Pull Requests. We also appreciate other types of contributions such as documentation improvements or even correcting typos in the code if you spot any.

The standard procedure is well documented on GitHub, for detailed explanation, especially if it’s the first time you’re doing this, you can follow the procedure on the following links: Working with forks and Pull Requests. Basically, you fork the GSC repository, create a branch that clearly indicates the problem you’re solving. Later, when you are happy with your work, you create a Pull Request so we can review and discuss your implementation.

If the problem needs debating or you have questions on how to implement a feature, we would prefer you open a GitHub issue. If you spotted a typo or a code formatting issue, just directly opening a Pull Request is fine.

License GSC-Core is under the GNU General Public License v3. See LICENSE.