Mobly Bundled Snippets is a set of Snippets to allow Mobly tests to control Android devices by exposing a simplified version of the public Android API suitable for testing.

We are adding more APIs as we go. If you have specific needs for certain groups of APIs, feel free to file a request in Issues.

Note: this is not an official Google product.


  1. Compile and install the bundled snippets

    ./gradlew assembleDebug
    adb install -d -r -g ./build/outputs/apk/debug/mobly-bundled-snippets-debug.apk
  2. Use the Mobly snippet shell to interact with the bundled snippets
    >>> print(
    Known methods:
      bluetoothDisable() returns void  // Disable bluetooth with a 30s timeout.
      wifiDisable() returns void  // Turns off Wi-Fi with a 30s timeout.
      wifiEnable() returns void  // Turns on Wi-Fi with a 30s timeout.
  3. To use these snippets within Mobly tests, load it on your AndroidDevice objects after registering android_device module:

    def setup_class(self): = self.register_controllers(android_device, min_number=1)[0]'api', '')
    def test_enable_wifi(self):


If you want to contribute, use the usual github method of forking and sending a pull request.

Before sending a pull request, run the presubmit target to format and run lint over the code. Fix any issues it indicates. When complete, send the pull request.

./gradlew presubmit

This target will reformat the code with googleJavaFormat and run lint. The lint report should open in your default browser.

Be sure to address all off the errors reported by lint. When finished and you run presubmit one last time you should see:

No Issues Found Congratulations!

in your browser.

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