Deprecation note

These plugins are deprecated as part of GoCD release 17.5.0. Support for these plugins will be removed from 18.1.0 (scheduled to be released in January 2018). Replacement for these plugins are available at -

GoCD OAuth Login Build Status

This is GoCD's Authentication plugin that allows users to login using OAuth.

Currently supported

Adding new providers

The plugin internally uses social-auth which acts as a wrapper for multiple OAuth integrations. Hence adding more integrations is very little effort. You will need to add a provider and a maven profile (use Google implementation for reference).


Getting Started


Download the latest plugin jar from Releases section. Place it in <go-server-location>/plugins/external and restart Go Server.


Create an OAuth Application with an OAuth provider of your choice (GitHub, Google, etc.)

The oauth provider will normally ask you for an "OAuth Redirect URL". The redirect URL for the two plugins will be —

Note: We highly recommend that you use HTTPS for OAuth authorizations.

Once your application is registered, you will receive an "OAuth Client ID" and "OAuth Client Secret", save those for the next step.

Configure the GoCD Server

Note: Due to a bug in the current version of GoCD, you'll need to set a valid Password file path under Server Configuration (or configure an LDAP server).

It is also recommended you have at least one local admin configured to avoid getting yourself locked out during this process. If you're using password files, make sure the file contains at least one entry.

On your go server, visit the plugin settings page, and enter those credentials.

On clicking save, you may be be logged out, if you're not logged out. Now is a good time to logout and see if you can get in.

The GitHub and GitLab plugins also supports user search, allowing you to search and add users right from GoCD's UI: Add User


We encourage you to contribute to Go. For information on contributing to this project, please see our contributor's guide. A lot of useful information like links to user documentation, design documentation, mailing lists etc. can be found in the resources section.


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