GoCD Elastic agent plugin for Docker Swarm

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Documentation for installation is available here.

Building the code base

To build the jar, run ./gradlew clean test assemble

Using your own docker image with elastic agents

More information to build custom GoCD agent docker image is available here


If you already have it running it on a mac, make sure to restart it (see https://github.com/docker/for-mac/issues/17#mobyaccess). Time drift is known to cause the plugin to not work, because the timestamps returned by the docker API has drifted from the host.

A good way to know if there's a time drift is to run docker ps

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND             CREATED             STATUS              PORTS               NAMES
e0754c9f4cdb        alpine:latest       "/bin/sh"           32 minutes ago      Up 17 seconds                           test
809f310ba1e4        ubuntu:trusty       "/bin/bash"         33 minutes ago      Up About a minute                       reverent_raman

Notice how the CREATED and STATUS are several minutes apart for a recently created container.

Enabling debug level logging

If you are on GoCD version 19.6 and above:

Edit the file wrapper-properties.conf on your GoCD server and add the following options. The location of the wrapper-properties.conf can be found in the installation documentation of the GoCD server.

# We recommend that you begin with the index `100` and increment the index for each system property

If you're running with GoCD server 19.6 and above on docker using one of the supported GoCD server images, set the environment variable GOCD_SERVER_JVM_OPTIONS:

docker run -e "GOCD_SERVER_JVM_OPTIONS=-Dplugin.cd.go.contrib.elastic-agent.docker-swarm.log.level=debug" ...

If you are on GoCD version 19.5 and lower:

Enabling debug level logging can help you troubleshoot an issue with the elastic agent plugin. To enable debug level logs, edit the /etc/default/go-server (for Linux) to add:

export GO_SERVER_SYSTEM_PROPERTIES="$GO_SERVER_SYSTEM_PROPERTIES -Dplugin.cd.go.contrib.elastic-agent.docker-swarm.log.level=debug"

If you're running the server via ./server.sh script —

$ GO_SERVER_SYSTEM_PROPERTIES="-Dplugin.cd.go.contrib.elastic-agent.docker-swarm.log.level=debug" ./server.sh


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