GoCD File Based Authentication Plugin

This is a file based authentication plugin which implements the GoCD Authorization Plugin endpoint. This plugin allows authentication/search of users defined in password files.

Building the code base

To build the jar, run ./gradlew clean test assemble


Usage instructions

The plugin uses the popular file format used by the htpasswd program:


The plugin currently supports passwords hashed using bcrypt, PBKDF2 and SHA1. See #13 for details.

Note: It is highly recommended that users use passwords hashed using bcrypt and not SHA1.

You can put as many username/hashed password pairs as you like -- use a new line for each one

Generating password using cli-app

You can use the gocd-passwd to generate hashed password file entry.

Use the following command to generate bcrypt hashed password file entry,

$ java -jar gocdpasswd.jar -B -u username -p password

Where, -B forces password hashing with bcrypt, However you can also use -P for PBKDF2SHA1 and -S for PBKDF2SHA256

Generating passwords using htpasswd

You can use the htpasswd program from Apache to manage your password file.

So for example, you can use the following command to create a password file called passwd and put the password for the user "user" in it:

htpasswd -c -B passwd user

Where, -B forces password hashing with bcrypt, currently considered to be very secure. You can also use -s for SHA or -d for crypt() but these are deemed insecure

htpasswd on Windows

The htpasswd executable may be downloaded as part of the apache distribution from Apache Haus or Apache Lounge. Note that these executables may not work on Windows XP or Server 2003

htpasswd on Mac OSX

htpasswd is already installed by default on Mac OSX.

htpasswd on Linux

Debian based distributions (e.g. Ubuntu) htpasswd can be installed from the apache2-utils

$ apt-get install apache2-utils

Generating passwords using python

Another option is to use the following command (assumes python is installed on your system)

$ python -c "import sha; from base64 import b64encode; print b64encode(sha.new('my-password').digest())"


The plugin needs to be configured to use the password file. The configuration can be added by adding a Authorization Configuration by visiting the Authorization Configuration page under Admin > Security.

Alternatively, the configuration can be added directly to the config.xml using the <authConfig> configuration.


Verify Connection

For a given Authorization Configuration verify if the given password file can be accessed by the plugin. The Authorization Configuration page under Admin > Security gives an option to verify connection.

Enable Debug Logs

If you are on GoCD version 19.6 and above:

Edit the file wrapper-properties.conf on your GoCD server and add the following options. The location of the wrapper-properties.conf can be found in the installation documentation of the GoCD server.

# We recommend that you begin with the index `100` and increment the index for each system property

If you're running with GoCD server 19.6 and above on docker using one of the supported GoCD server images, set the environment variable GOCD_SERVER_JVM_OPTS:

docker run -e "GOCD_SERVER_JVM_OPTS=-Dplugin.cd.go.authentication.passwordfile.log.level=debug" ...

If you are on GoCD version 19.5 and lower:


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