Android SDK for Sentry

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sentry-core sentry-core 14


That's the initial page of the release 2.x and its docs.

Migration page from sentry-android 1.x to sentry-android 2.0.

Blog posts

New Android SDK How-to.

Adding Native support to our Android SDK.


Sample App. with Sentry Android SDK and Sentry Gradle Plugin.

Sample for Development.


This repository includes sentry-native as a git submodule. To build against sentry-native checked-out elsewhere in your file system, create a symlink sentry-android-ndk/sentry-native-local that points to your sentry-native directory. For example, if you had sentry-native checked-out in a sibling directory to this repo:

ln -s ../../sentry-native sentry-android-ndk/sentry-native-local

which will be picked up by gradle and used instead of the git submodule. This directory is also included in .gitignore not to be shown as pending changes.