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An easy way to orchestrate your APIs

What is Heimdall

Heimdall is a open source project developed by Conductor Tecnologia SA with the objective to provide an API Orchestrator solution. Feel free to manage your apis in a easy way. The plataform allows to manage your apis in real time, making possible the centralization of all api requests. Providing control, traceability, security and customization of your requests and responses. The Heimdall toolkit was developed with objective to provide the most flexible structure possible to give you the power to manage your Api.



The documentation for Heimdall can be found at this repository's wiki.


Heimdall received the Relatório Bancário 2018 award for the best Cloud Solution in the Brazilian financial sector for 2018.


Heimdall took part of QCon 2018 São Paulo. During that event we had a QConSP 2018 Challenge (Português) for the attenders.