GeoWE. GeoData Web Editing [core SIG Web]


GeoWE is an open free GIS platform oriented to advanced geodata editing on The Web. The main aim of this initiative is to move the strenghts usually linked to desktop GIS to a web environment, by leveraging open source technologies. This is a free software project that is part of the open source GIS world, and it is developed in Java using the Google Web Toolkit framework.

The geowe-core is being developed using the following technologies:

More information available on the GeoWE Web site.



The geowe-core is licensed under the GPLv3, meaning you can use it free of charge, according with license terms and conditions.


In order to use all GeoWE features, you must configure following basic params:

Google Maps config:

To use Google maps, you need to specify yout own Google Maps Api key. Please, [read this carefully] (

Append your key to the URL of the script, located on App.html.

For example:
<script type="text/javascript"

Bing Maps config:

To use Bing maps, you need to specify your own Bing maps key. Please, [read this carefully] (

Put your key in file, located at: src\main\java\org\geowe\client\local\main\tool\map\catalog\model

For example:

what3words config:

To use what3words feature, you need to specify your own what3words api key. You must contact what3words to obtain it.

Put your key in file, located at: src\main\resources

For example:
w3w.key = YOUR_W3W_API_KEY

Build the software

In order to compile and build GeoWE, the JDK 7 platform is necessary. The project uses maven for building and packaging.

mvn clean package


Once you compiled the software, the geowe.war file can be deployed on any server/application container, like Apache Tomcat. Our live demo is running on OpenShift, Try it!


You can see the complete javadoc here. download

Dependecies report

You can see the complete source dependencies here.