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Hadoop Map-Reduce Design Patterns

How to use the MapReduce:

Clone the repository:

git clone [email protected]

Go in to the folder:

cd MapReduce

Build it with Maven:

mvn clean install

Example run in each individual pattern example.

Summarization Patterns

1. Numerical Summarization ReadMe
2. Inverted Index Summarization ReadMe
3. Counting with Counters ReadMe

Filtering Patterns

1. Filtering ReadMe
2. Bloom Filtering ReadMe
3. Top Ten ReadMe
4. Distinct ReadMe

Data Organization Patterns

1. Structured to Hierarchical ReadMe
2. Partitioning ReadMe
3. Binning ReadMe
4. TotalOrderSorting ReadMe
5. Shuffling ReadMe

Join Patterns

1. Reduce Side Join ReadMe
2. Replicated Join ReadMe
3. Composite Join ReadMe
4. Cartesian Product ReadMe

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