Minecraft bot. Currently used for stress testing.





  1. Download Apache Maven
  2. Unpack it
  3. Optionally add the bin folder to your PATH variable to invoke Maven with mvn without specifying the complete path to the bin folder for every command
  4. Download this project with Git (git clone URL/[email protected]:...) or as zip
  5. Move to the top folder of the project conting the pom.xml
  6. Run mvn clean install
  7. The final version is inside the core/target folder



Command Line Usage

To run LambdaAttack from the command line without a GUI, enter
java -jar lambdaattack.jar <options>.

These are the available options:

Name Description
-h, --host \<arg> The hostname to connect to. Defaults to
-p, --port \<arg> The port to connect to. Defaults to 25565
-c, --count \<arg> The amount of bots to connect to the server. Defaults to 20
-d, --delay \<arg> The delay between bot spawns, in milliseconds. Defaults to 1000
-n, --name \<arg> The format for bot names. Requires exactly one integer placeholder %d. Defaults to Bot-%d
-v, --version \<arg> The Minecraft version of the server to connect to. Defaults to 1.15.2
-r, --register Makes Bots run the /register and /login command after joining with username and password being LambdaAttack
--help Displays a help page