Gaia is a Terraform UI for your Terraform modules, and self-service infrastructure.

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What is it?

Gaia is a web application to import and run your Terraform modules. It features :


The module edition view allows you to edit module details, such as variables and their validation.

module edition view

The stack view helps you to input your variable values, and shows job results and latest output values.

stack edition view

The job view shows you the Terraform workflow, and the logs of the plan and apply logs

job view


Gaia needs :

Quick start

Start Gaia with docker-compose quickly !

Clone this repository, and just run docker-compose up -d.

The docker-compose will start a Gaia server, listening on http://localhost:8080, and a MongoDb database.

Default credentials for entering:


Gaia is made with ❤️ in 🇫🇷 by Cyril DUBUISSON and Julien WITTOUCK