A SonarQube plugin to analyze Clojure source.

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In order to install SonarClojure:

  1. Download the latest jar of the plugin.
  2. Place the jar in the SonarQube server plugins directory, usually located under: /opt/sonarqube/extensions/plugins/
  3. Restart the SonarQube server.


  1. Change your project.clj file and add the required plugins:

    :plugins [[jonase/eastwood "0.3.6"]
              [lein-kibit "0.1.8"]
              [lein-ancient "0.6.15"]
              [lein-cloverage "1.1.2"]
              [lein-nvd "1.4.0"]]

Note 1: Please make sure the plugins above are setup correctly for your project. A good way to test this is to execute each one of them individually on your project. Once they are running fine, SonarClojure should be able to parse their reports.

Note 2: The lein plugin versions above are the ones we currently support. If you would like to test with a different version, keep in mind that it might cause errors on SonarClojure analysis.

  1. Create a file in the root folder of your app:

  2. Run sonar-scanner on your project.

Configuring Sensors


Sensors can be disabled by setting sonar.clojure.<sensorname>.disabled=true in the or by using the command line argument -Dsonar.clojure.<sensorname>.disabled when running sonar-scanner. Sensor names are eastwood, kibit, ancient, nvd and cloverage.

Report file location

Some sensors use report files to parse the results. Both cloverage and lein-nvd use this report files. By default they have a path already set but you can change the file locations by setting the property in the



Setting a timeout

By default, sensors have a timeout value of 300 seconds. This value applies per sensor while they are executing. You can change the default value by setting the property sonar.clojure.sensors.timeout in the file.


Building from Source

./mvnw clean package

Maven will generate a SNAPSHOT under the folder target.


At the moment, SonarClojure supports SonarQube version 7.9.3+.


SonarClojure is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.