Android app (and widget collection) that displays sunlight and moonlight times for a given location.

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Displays sunrise and sunset, twilights (civil / nautical / astronomical), blue and golden hour, solstices and equinoxes, moonrise and moonset, moon phases and illumination.

Suntimes Alarms
An alarm clock for Suntimes.

Suntimes Calendars
A calendar provider add-on for Suntimes.

Solunar Periods
A hunting and fishing add-on for Suntimes.

The app:

The app:

Widgets are (re)configurable:

Widgets are themeable and provide:

Widgets are resizable and include...

Clock widgets:

Sun widgets:

Moon widgets:

Solstice widgets:

Position widgets:

Additional screenshots can be found on the project wiki and in the gh-pages branch.

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Privacy and Permissions

Suntimes does not collect, store, or transmit personal user data. It contains no advertising, no analytics, no trackers, and no unnecessary permissions.

The app benefits from the following permissions...

Permission Since Version
ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION To get current location. v0.1.0
ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION To get current location (GPS). v0.1.0
BOOT_COMPLETED To restore active alarms when the device boots. v0.11.0
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE To play alarm sounds located on the SD card. v0.11.5
SET_ALARM To interact with the system AlarmClock app. v0.1.0
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE To export data (places, themes, etc.) to file. v0.2.2 (api≤18)

Version 0.9.* contained the following additional permissions (removed in v0.10.0)...

Permission Version
READ_CALENDAR To interact with the Calendar app (access events). v0.9.0
WRITE_CALENDAR To interact with the Calendar app (add/remove events). v0.9.0
READ_SYNC_STATS To interact with the Calendar app (access custom calendars). v0.9.0
WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS To interact with the Calendar app (add/remove custom calendars). v0.9.0


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Bug Reports

Use the issue tracker to submit a bug report or a feature request.

When reporting a bug please be detailed as possible. What did you expect the app to do, what did you actually observe? Include the app version number in your report. Other useful information includes the Android OS version (and sometimes your specific device model).

Legal Stuff

Copyright © 2014-2020 Forrest Guice

The source code is available under GPLv3 (

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

Icons and images from:

Libraries used:

Project Contributions

German translation by Henrik "HerHde" Hüttemann, Wolkenschieber, and xnumad.
Polish and Esperanto translations by Verdulo.
French translation by Jej and Aloha.
Hungarian translation by Erci.
Catalan and Spanish translations by Raulvo.
Basque translation by beriain.
Norwegian translation by FTno.
Italian translation by Matteo Caoduro.
Traditional Chinese translation by ft42.
Brazilian Portuguese translation by NetoSilva, Nelson A. de Oliveira, and Enrico S. B. Fraletti.

Contributions to the project are welcome.