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AILibs is a collection of Java libraries related to automated decision making. It currently consists of two building blocks. It is also home of the current version of the AutoML-tool ML-Plan.

**Find out more about AILibs and how to use it.

Using AILibs in your project

You can resolve each of our projects via a Maven dependency (using Maven central as repository).




dependencies {
    implementation 'ai.libs:jaicore-ml:0.2.0'

Setting up your IDE to work with AILibs


Navigate to the folder where you cloned this repository and run

  ./gradlew eclipse

This automatically creates the eclipse project files and configures the dependencies among the projects. Then open Eclipse and go to the import menu, e.g., in the package manager. Choose to import Existing Projects into Workspace, select the folder where you cloned the repository, and make sure to check the Search for nested projects option.

AILibs JavaDoc API


Software Configuration


Maven dependency resolvement problems

In some cases, Maven is not able to import referenced dependencies on repositories different from the central Maven repositories, resulting in a build failure. To solve this problem, one might add the following repositories to the pom.xml to be able to properly execute maven compile or similar: