Important Note

Active contributions to Flux from Flipkart development team have shifted to Flipkart internal repository since December 2018 due to integration of security related Flipkart specific features.


Flux is an asynchronous, scalable, optionally multi-tenant & distributed and reliable state machine based orchestrator. Flux can be used to build Workflows and Reactive apps that are stateful.

Flux quick introduction video is available here. Please go through the wiki pages to find out more about flux.


Release Date Description
Version 1.2.1(stable)(tag 1.2.1) Oct 2017 new features set
Version 1.2.0(beta) Oct 2017 new features set
Version 1.0.1 Feb 2017 Bug fixes
Version 1.0 Jan 2017 Initial stable release


Changelog can be viewed in file

Why Flux

A number of real-world stateful systems like workflows, event-driven reactive apps can be modeled as state machines. Event sources are many - user actions, messages passed between systems and data changes to business entities. Flux provides a programming model and client SDK to build event-driven reactive apps. The runtime allows to run multiple state machine instances concurrently.

Flux Visualization & Monitoring

Flux allows you to monitor real-time execution of all running state machine tasks. Default path for dashboard is http://localhost:9996/admin/dashboard

Additionally, you can also inspect individual state machine execution DAGs and audit data at http://localhost:9999/admin/fsmview

Click here to see how Flux state machine instance graph and audit look like.

Documentation and Examples

Flux examples are under "examples" module. Each example can be run independently. Flux has very few dependencies and the simplest examples can be run in under 5 minutes. Documentation is continuously being added to the Flux wiki

Getting help

For help regarding usage, or receiving important announcements, subscribe to the Flux users mailing list: To get involved in the evolution of Flux, subscribe to the Flux interest mailing list:


Flux is licensed under : The Apache Software License, Version 2.0. Here is a copy of the license (

Building with Flux

The Flux system design is organized into multiple layers to support building, testing, deploying and operating workflows in a shared environment: