Poseidon is a platform to build API applications that have to aggregate data from distributed services in an efficient way.


  1. Resilient and fault tolerant API layer in SOA achieved using Phantom
  2. Scatter-Gather capability built using Lego
  3. Dynamic dispatching and composing at API layer built using Hydra
  4. Embedded web server (Jetty), out of box metrics exposed through JMX
  5. Configuration driven Distributed Tracing support
  6. Data governance support to collect and log events
  7. In-built, phantom dashboard


Release Date Description
Version 5.8.0 May 31 2019 Support for byte[] in ServiceResponseDecoder
Version 5.6.0 Jun 28 2018 Multiple error types in ServiceResponseDecoder
Version 5.5.0 May 23 2018 Added follow redirect option in SinglePoolHttpTaskHandler
Version 5.4.1 Nov 05 2017 Bugfix to stop stacktrace leak
Version 5.4.0 Oct 13 2017 Support for DataTypes in headers, path params and support for enums and generics in API definitions


Changelog can be viewed in CHANGELOG.md

Getting Started

A sample application is available here.




Continuous Integration

Uses https://travis-ci.org/ to run tests for pushes and pull requests

Getting help

For discussion, help regarding usage, or receiving important announcements, subscribe to the Poseidon users mailing list

Contribution, Bugs and Feedback

For bugs, questions and discussions please use the Github Issues. Please follow the contribution guidelines when submitting pull requests.


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