What this is

This is a Heroku-based Java webapp which demonstrates usages of the following packages:

This application is available here.

Demo pages

All processors written for this site are gathered together in a single package: json-schema-processor-examples. Right now, the following pages exist:

Running the application locally

This application uses an embedded Jetty server and is self contained. You need to have a JDK (at least 1.6) and maven installed (3.0.x preferably, but 2.x will also work).

Into the main directory, type:

mvn clean install

This will download all necessary artifacts and prepare everything. Then run the application with:

java -cp target/classes:target/dependency/* com.github.fge.jsonschema.WebApp

The application will listen on the loopback interface, and on port 8080 by default; in order to access it, you will therefore type the following as a URL in your browser: