Fabric8 Forge

This project contains the Fabric8 extensions for JBoss Forge. It includes:


For more details see the Fabric8 Forge Documentation

Fabric8 Forge based system tests

To check out the systems tests check out the system test documentation

Building the addons

To try out addons:

cd addons
mvn install

Then you can install the addons into forge via the forge addon-install command using the current snapshot build version

Trying the addons locally

If you startup forge you can then install the local builds of the addons via:

addon-install --coordinate io.fabric8.forge:camel,2.3-SNAPSHOT
addon-install --coordinate io.fabric8.forge:camel-commands,2.3-SNAPSHOT
addon-install --coordinate io.fabric8.forge:devops,2.3-SNAPSHOT

To remove any of them type:

addon-remove --addons io.fabric8.forge:camel,2.3-SNAPSHOT
addon-remove --addons io.fabric8.forge:camel-commands,2.3-SNAPSHOT
addon-remove --addons io.fabric8.forge:devops,2.3-SNAPSHOT

Building and testing REST service

To build everything and run it in your local OpenShift installation on your laptop try:

mvn -Dtest=false install 
cd fabric8-forge
mvn fabric8:resource-apply

The test case in the fabric8-forge module takes a while to build as it pre-populates the local maven repository with all the required jars for the Forge tooling.

So you might want to only include tests in the fabric8-forge module the first build of the day, then disable tests after that?