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The Hallow

A mysterious adventure brought to you by the Fabric Community team.


Hacktoberfest is a fun event that takes place every October which teaches people about open-source and encourage them to make their first public contributions.

If you make 4 PRs during October (1st - 31rd), you will be awarded a nice T-Shirt!

For more information, check out the Hacktoberfest website. Available awards can be found HERE.


  1. Contributions must abide by the following:
    • No single character PRs;
    • No ridiculously unbalanced additions;
    • No running away from the main theme;
    • Style guidelines which can be found HERE.
  2. Contributors must abide by the following:
    • Be a decent human being;


You can join us at the All of Fabric the-hallow channel to discuss the mod's development.